Báo Cáo Thực Tập Tiếng Anh Tại Trường Đại Học, Cao Đẳng

Báo Cáo Thực Tập Tiếng Anh

Báo Cáo Thực Tập Tiếng Anh Tại Trường Đại Học, Cao Đẳng nội dung bài viết được trích từ một bài báo cáo thực tập của một bạn sinh viên khóa trước đạt điểm cao nên luận văn Trust muốn chia sẻ cho các bạn cùng kham thảo bài viết để các bạn có thêm tài liệu hỗ trợ cho bài báo cáo thực tập của các bạn.

Quá trình làm báo cáo thực tập, các bạn học viên có thể xem qua dịch vụ viết thuê báo cáo thực tập  của Luận Văn Trust để được hỗ trợ tư vấn đè tài và báo giá viết báo cáo trọn gói nhé.

1. Description of intern facility

1.1. About Ho Chi Minh City Vocational College

HVC is the abbreviation of Ho Chi Minh City Vocational College, evolved from Ho Chi Minh City Technical Worker School and founded in 1999 by Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) directly under People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City and was officially renamed Ho Chi Minh City Vocational College under the decision number 196/QĐ – BLĐTBXH by MOLISA in January 2007.

In 2014, HVC is the key state vocational college of Ho Chi Minh City and one of the 45 priority investment in accordance with the criteria of high quality vocational colleges in Vietnam under the Prime Minister’s Decision at No.761/QD-TTg, dated May 23, 2014, approving the “Project of developing the high quality vocational colleges by 2020”.


The managing agencyies: Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee and Ho Chi Minh City Department of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA)

HVC has two campuses in Ho Chi Minh City:

Báo Cáo Thực Tập Tiếng Anh Tại Trường Đại Học, Cao Đẳng
 Báo Cáo Thực Tập Tiếng Anh Tại Trường Đại Học, Cao Đẳng

1.2. About Faculty of General Science

The faculty of General Science is one of nine faculties in HVC is responsible for teaching some general academies such as, Defense Education, Physical Education, Political Education, General Computer Science and General English, as well as granting admissions in college training programs.

1.3. About Division of English – Báo Cáo Thực Tập Tiếng Anh

The division of English is charge of teaching English for students taking part in studying in most majors at college level and intermediate level.

There are two fields of teaching in English as, general English and specialization purpose English includes: Machenics, Automobile, Electronics, Computer Science (IT), Electricity and HAVC, Economics, …

The division of English is responsible for managing in local vocational education training programs, offering exchange programs, recruiting and managing local staff, as well as implementing quality assurance in training programs about English subject.

2. Purposes and expectation in the intership

2.1.The intern’s position – Báo Cáo Thực Tập Tiếng Anh

The intern is assigned to work in the division of English belonging to the faculty of General Science office at the headquater campus, 235 Hoang Sa street, Tan Dinh ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City as tutor at college, as well as a translator for some documents from the materials and an editor for making a preparation of planning lessons in English for including on the materials, the websites, Facebook fanpage, and an assistance for in office duties.

2.2.The intern’s purposes and expectation

The official working hour at HVC is 8:30-11h30 AM and 1:30-4:30 PM from Monday till Friday. The intern is responsible for two sessions per week; additional assignments may be given in special circumstances.

During 3 weeks, the knowledge learned from the university is passed on from the lecturers; I would like to practice my leaned knoweldeg at the HVC to contribute a little as a translator.

During these three weeks, my wish will be to learn more from the teachers and instructors who have many years of experience in teaching, giving me more motivation and feeling to develop later easily. Although the main task of the intern is translating, there are meetings with international staff and partners, which pave the way for the intern to practice interpreting in some circumstances.

Báo Cáo Thực Tập Tiếng Anh
Báo Cáo Thực Tập Tiếng Anh

3. Intership Content

3.1. Assigned tasks and responsibilities

Week 1: July 20th to July 24th.

On the first day, the intern was welcomed by Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tra Mi, Dean of the general science faculty in charge of internship. After a brief introduction to me, she then introduced us to Mr. Ly Sieu Hai, the supervisor.

During the meeting, after sharing about the structure of the college and the roles of faculties and departments, he also had a talk about the principles of translation and interpretation in materials/document, as well as the MOUs. A story of different titles like Principal/ President/ Chairman/ Vice President are all stories about the structures of different colleges and that I should myself have a thorough look into each entry to select the best option for translation/ interpretation.

He also mentioned the ‘jointly used terms’. While there are various options of translation, he required that the team should communicate more to figure out the jointly used terms in translating documents, hence a unification in word use.

On the second day of the internship, Mr. Hai officially introduced me to the staff and lecturers in the faculty. Since then, I had some days to prepare for the internship, get acquainted with the new working environment and to have a look and take notes on the English terms used in the college.

Week 2: July 27th to July 31st.

This week marked my official week of internship in the position of a translator in the division of English.

Mr. Ly Sieu Hai is assigned to be my main supervisor. He had experience working with international organizations and college, including LSCS and JICA, ILA, VUS, AUS, … He used to be a manager of International Relationship Department and a lecturer in English at present.

The first job (2 days) I was assigned to preview the previous planning lesson in general English (see appendix 1) and find out the mistakes to correct including: grammar, uses in English to understand and use for teaching or reading the planning lesson in the coming day.

The second job (3 days) I was assigned to translate some contents or headings for IT Facebook page from HVC website. The intention of the posts here is to inform the students exchange events and promote effective learning. At first Mr. Hai asked me to translate and summarize (by which he meant compile it to fit with a Facebook post) this article: 6 Signs You’re Living in an Entrepreneurial Society immediately.

Some phrases that worth taking notes this week:

  • Entrepreneurial Society: xã hội khởi nghiệp
  • The other way around: điều ngược lại
  • Most critical problems: những vấn đề cấp thiết nhất
  • Richly rewarded: tưởng thưởng xứng đáng
  • Civil servants: cán bộ/ công chức
  • At the mercy of: dưới quyền của/ thuộc kiểm soát của …

Another requirement for this article translation is the limit of time: He gave me one hour for this. (As usual, I have the whole session to translate, receive approval and post the article on the website). Honestly, I was struggling with the form of this work as I really do not know what is necessary and what is not to fit with the students’ need while the space for a Facebook post is relatively short. Therefore I submitted a shortened version of the article (maintaining all the points in the article with rendered contents). In the official post, Mr. Hai omitted some points and added some more information of the events He is promoting.

The two rest days, the intern continued another work as a translator with the article named ‘HVC ký kết MOU và chuyển giao sàn chứng khoán ảo, thêm môi trường học thực tế ưu việt cho sinh viên’ (HVC opens on-campus virtual Stock Exchange) from the specializational English in Business (see appendix 2).

This article contains in business terminologies in which which required the intern to look up dictionaries and the company/corporate’s website to check for the exact ones that the company is using, i.e., Phát triển kinh doanh môi giới (Intermediary Business Development), Dịch vụ ngân hàng đầu tư (Bank Investment Services).

Another term that needs consideration is ‘sàn chứng khoán ảo’. While ‘ảo’ or ‘virtual’ is used to describe something does not exist physically, the ‘sàn chứng khoán ảo’ is actually an existing place equipped with machines, computers and devices used in the real stock exchange. The only difference lies in that there are no real customers or orders. After doing research on the word used, the intern realized that it is acceptable to use the full phrase ‘virtual stock exchange’ to describe a place for students to practice as employees in the real stock exchange. However, to mention the physical place at the university using to power the ‘virtual stock exchange’, the intern decided to add the word ‘on-campus’.

Week 3: August 3rd to August 7th.

Following the previous work, I continued to translate the part in the magazine, now a summary of activities, namely:

  • Các thành viên HVC về chung “Nhà 235” (HVCers reunite in one 235 campus);
  • Trưởng thành từng ngày với hàng loạt hoạt động, phong trào sinh viên (The knowledge tree grows day by day thanks to various students activities);
  • Vinh danh và trao bằng tốt nghiệp cho tân cử nhân, Đa dạng kênh thực tập, việc làm cho sinh viên (Diverse options in internship and careers for students);
  • Nhiều hoạt động thiện nguyện ý nghĩa được chung tay thực hiện (Meaningful volunteer activities carried out);
  • Tiến hành kiểm định chất lượng ngành Điện – Điện tử (Conducting quality inspection of the Electricity and Electronics programs).

For the second task, Mr. Hai assigned me to check the translations (maybe of other interns). This is a great chance for me to revise not only my colleagues’ translation, but also my translations as there are similar errors that we made like the plural form (-s;-es); inversion structure; and the jointly used terms.

After that I have a fast translation of a Facebook post. The post had already been placed, which means the only requirement is to do a faithful translation.

The third task this week is to translate an article named HVC trên hành trình “đón sóng” hội nhập (see appendix 3). After translating, submit it for Vice President approval and posted on the website in the future.

Week 4: August 10th to August 14th.

Having spent 3 weeks of the internship at HVC, it’s the time to summary and concludes things in the last week, I myself think and contemplate again that what I have been done and what I have not been done yet and make conclusion the shortcomings to write the graduation internship report. After that I appove it for the President’s HVC to to sign and seal to certify the process I have practiced at HVC.

I myself remind and remember the Vietnamese idiom says that “You are never too old to learn”.

XEM THÊM ==>  Cách Làm Bài Khóa Luận, Báo Cáo Ngành Tiếng Anh

4. Working conditions and methodology

At HVC, the office is designed in an open space, which all people from different faculties and departments can meet up with each other easily. Provided that there are issues for discussion, the intern can discuss it directly or via email. There are no requirements in uniforms; the employees, however, are advised to dress formally in suits or shirts and long pants due to the frequent social meeting with international partners and students.

One of the methodologies, the intern would like to apply in translation at HVC follow approach as:

  • Making preparation some documents for teachers before coming to class as planning lessons as the texts, grammar, structures, speaking topics;
  • Translating and compiling contents for class’s fanpage posts in both Vietnamese and English for events and programs;
  • Translating internal documents (the MOUs), contacting other departments (international cooperation department) if required;
  • Office tasks like printing, scanning, photocopying and delivering documents.

5. Working advantages and difficulties

For me, the task is to translate other documents, sometimes update the news/new texts and materials for general English and specialization purposes from the website (some of which were of the previous month). Although the time sessions are different, the intern kept in touch with the supervisor to exchange translations for difficult phrases which is one of advantage for me to make the internship at HVC.

Although the last week was the work-from-home sessions, we still learned a lot from the works we tackled and the interaction with our supervisor is still maintained.

One of the most difficulties for me to work alone, as well as the work is assigned to implement independently. Even though I know that the supervisor always helps me.

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